How to Listen to Podcasts

It’s been a long day and you’ve just made it home. Dinner won’t cook itself, however, so it’s either ordering out, popping open that box of food that came in the mail, or following the recipe for Aunt Sally’s famous lasagna. No matter which choice you make, you have about 40 minutes to kill. You’ve caught up on Netflix and Hulu. AGT isn’t new this week. What do you do?

Have you tried a podcast?

Maybe you haven’t heard of them before or it has never been something that interests you. Podcasts are audio downloads for your computer, phone, tablet, and can vary-from a talk show format to a full cast story line to a musical. There are podcasts that follow your favorite shows (just like you do) and discuss in detail the latest episode, fan theories, etc.

Types of Podcasts

There are podcasts that depict the life and times of a current public figure written in Shakespearean style. (Hey, if it isn’t out there now, it will be). The greatest thing about a podcast is that you can get lost in it. You can be transported to a different space and time. You can become a-one with the character(s) and lose your (almost burnt lasagna) reality for a bit. You don’t have to be afraid of turning your head during a crucial scene or having to pause to go downstairs to get your delivered food from that new Thai place you have been wanting to try. (Hey, maybe the delivery guy listens to the same podcast you are listening to and you strike up a conversation….Aww! It’s a meet-cute!)

When listening to a podcast, your body is free to move around: wash the dog, do the cha-cha, anything! All you need are your ears. And, just like your musical playlists, you can create a playlists of the podcasts that interest you. All you have to do is go to any place you can find podcasts (Spotify, TuneIn, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, Google, Apple, etc.), search for what it is you are looking for (i.e., true crime, celebrities, comedies, film,..), find a show that interests you, and click “subscribe”. (The podcast app may require a download as well, if you wish to continue receiving new episodes without too much effort). Each week, or whenever new episodes are released, you will have a brand spanking new show to listen to while your driving, riding the train, feeding the birds, or whenever and however you wish to listen. So, plug-in, listen up, and enjoy!

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