About Dark Side of the Tune

Vibe Versus Genre

Headquartered in Seattle, Dark Side of the Tune is an experimental sample library company serving musicians, DJs, composers, producers, hobbyists and anyone determined to make an impact on how music is produced today. Dark Side of the Tune draws its inspiration from the brooding music scene of the Northwest, a place where hibernation, gray skies and heavier attitude often lead to innovation.

"Artistically, we focus on the darker sounds of the underground against the bright and shiny music of pop culture," says Shawn Shirey, founder and chief sound designer for the company. "Our question authority attitude helps us create modern vibes with a darker tone."

Dark Side of the Tune's diverse and intensely produced sound utilizes live instrumentation as well as synthetic tones, and employs various methods of sonic manipulation. The company approaches every track as a puzzle, and works to fit sound into unique spaces within the broader composition.